Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Breakfast at LAX. I forgot to mention yesterday that we stopped mid-morning at C'est Si Bon, a French bakery near my sister's house. I got two croissants -- one plain (which I ate in the car while running errands yesterday) and one chocolate (which I ate for breakfast today). I got a drip coffee at LAX to go with my chocolate croissant. The croissant tasted like the paper bag in which it was stored overnight so I only ate about half.

About an hour into my flight I ate the organic peach I brought with me.

And about an hour after the peach I had a cup of tea and an almond butter and jam sandwich on wheat.

After landing in Orlando I headed over to my friend Kristin's house to pick up my dog, Bella. Kristin was awesome and dog sat Bella while I was out of town. On my way over to Kristin's I suddenly became famished and broke out an organic Honey Crisp apple (the best apple ever). I devoured this apple in about 1 minute.

After picking up Bella I stopped at Chipotle for a veggie salad to-go. I was still very hungry and wasn't sure what we had to eat at home.

- romaine lettuce
- black beans
- rice
- grilled veggies
- corn salsa
- tomato salsa
- cheese
- small dollop of guacamole
- hot sauce

It's only 9:00 pm and I'm ready for bed. Good night!