Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Running, Swimming & Yoga

I woke up to the sound of cranes calling to each other on the pond behind our house. I knew it was going to be a great day! I decided to go for a longer than usual mid-week run today. I fueled with a tiny bowl of banana flax oats topped with a small dollop of almond butter and organic cacao coconut butter. I ate it with a mini cocktail spoon.

I geared up for my 10 mile run and brought along some Cliff Shot Blocks but didn't eat them. To entertain myself I downloaded our latest book club pick, Fool by Christopher Moore, to my iPod.

Since I had plans to swim and go to laughter yoga later in the evening, I didn't want to push myself too hard on my run. The last 5 miles I alternated walking and jogging so I wouldn't get too tired later in the day. After I was showered I headed to the bank and Starbucks.

And I tried a new Larabar flavor...Tropical Fruit Tart. Ingredients: Dates, Pineapple, Unsweetened Coconut, Almonds, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cashews, Orange Juice Concentrate, Orange Peel. I really enjoyed it and will definitely buy more. The most prominent flavor was orange.

On my way home I noticed how pretty the sky looked so I snapped a few shots through my windshield.

Around 4:00 pm I figured I'd better have something to eat before my swim. I settled on a green smoothie.

- 1/2 of a green apple
- 1 carrot
- 1/2 of a frozen banana
- large handful spinach
- scoop 0% Fage
- tablespoon ground flax
- tablespoon hulled hemp seeds
- ice & water

It was very fresh and delicious.

After swimming I had dinner with my friends Kristin and Leslee at Memories of India.

I ordered a glass of chardonnay and they brought us starter salads.

I ordered Aloo Gobi for my entree and we shared basmati rice and naan on the side. Dinner totally hit the spot. I love Indian food and don't eat it often enough.

After dinner the three of us headed to Yoga Matrix for Laughter Yoga. It was wild! We sure did laugh. Many laughter tears were shed. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you check it out.

Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart.