Thursday, September 10, 2009


I set my alarm to get up early for a 4 mile, fast paced run. Well, my body had other plans! I felt exhausted and washed out so I gave myself a rest day and went back to bed for another hour. When I did get up I made myself a small bowl of banana flax oats topped with a small sliced banana, 0% Fage and almonds.

After several hours of work I broke for lunch -- veggie dog on spelt bun with a slice of cheddar and mustard, apple, and pretzel sticks with mustard for dipping. For perspective, these two plates are small side plates.

Later in the afternoon I met my friend Leslee at Fresh Fields Farm for some produce shopping. I picked up some okra, a sweet onion, peaches, pears, sweet potato, dried chickpeas and a jar of local, raw honey.

Then we donated blood! I walked out of the blood bank with this hot pink smiley face arm wrap. Did you know that everybody's blood is a different color? I was quizzing the woman who was taking my blood about the nuances of being a medicinal vampire (isn't that an appropriate title?).

We replenished our blood supply with a nutritious dinner at Loving Hut, a vegan restaurant.

They began the meal by serving this delicious clear broth soup with potato, tofu, carrot, and cilantro.

We shared the summer rolls (veggies & tofu)...

and the quinoa salad. It was all very fresh and tasty.

We ran a few errands, including a Starbucks stop for a decaf latte, before heading to meet some friends in Avalon Park.

And we bought roses for our friend Christina's birthday! Aren't these lovely?

Once home I decided to have a beer to unwind...until I nearly jumped out of my chair!

I was relaxing with my pup when out of the corner of my eye I saw quick movement. Eeeek! Living in Florida this usually means a cockroach has invaded the house. Ew. Since Chris is out of town I wasn't too excited about the idea of killing a cockroach myself. Fortunately it was just a tiny frog who had made its way inside. He was SO CLOSE to jumping under the entertainment center. I was able to trap him in a cup just inches from our cabinet!

I was glad I found him when I did because I could tell he'd been in the house for a while since he was covered in dust bunnies! Poor little dude. I carefully released him into the bushes. Gotta love happy endings!


Les said...

What's the banana flax oatmeal? Is that your concoction or a brand you get at the store?

Julie said...

It's my concoction.

Typical serving....

1. 1/3 cup oats cooked with 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup milk, 1/2 of a banana (thinly sliced), and dash of salt
2. When done cooking, add heaping tablespoon ground flax seed and other seasonings if desired (i.e. cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc.)