Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Pupil

I woke up hungry and dove into a hearty bowl of banana flax oats topped with more banana and some natural peanut butter. YUM. I also had two mugs of tea and a multi vitamin.

I got to work straight away and broke for lunch around 1:00 pm. I grabbed the easiest option, the last of the leftover pizza. I'm glad it's gone!

Around 2:30 pm I decided to head to the gym for a 13 mile treadmill run. Running on treadmills is not my favorite thing but the Florida afternoon heat (my car read 101 degrees) wasn't conducive to an outdoor run. Well, my 13 miles were cut short at 5. Apparently there's a 30 minute limit at the gym when people are waiting for treadmills. Boo!!!! But 5 miles is better than no miles, I suppose.

I stopped for a decaf latte on my way home. Check out "The Way I See It #21"

I had to take Bella for training tonight and was planning on eating once I got home. However, my stomach had other plans. I was HUNGRY so I had a hearty snack of yogurt and a sprinkle of Optimum Slim cereal.

Here's Bella in her carrier waiting to go to class. She doesn't look too happy, does she? I cooked a chicken breast for her to bring to training. She could have cared less about her training treats last week so I made her favorite food to bring to class tonight.

It paid off! She was the star pupil tonight. I think she just needed the right motivation. We celebrated with a glass of Merlot while cooking dinner.

I made kale chips! Here's a photo tutorial. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Start with freshly washed, bunch kale (not the chopped kale that comes in a bag).

Remove the stem and trim it into chip size pieces before spinning dry in a lettuce spinner.

Arrange on a foil lined pan and spray with olive oil. Be careful not to overlap the chips.

Sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper and sea salt.

Pop in oven and check them after about 15 minutes. If needed, add 5 more minutes.

The edges will be slightly brown.

Dinner! HUGE pile of kale chips, a veggie dog on a spelt bun and a crisp, delicious apple.

I had a serious sweet tooth tonight so I had some dark chocolate M&Ms (I had about three times the amount pictured).

Time to get a bit more work done before calling it a night.


Lisa M said...

Oh my gosh, she looks so darling in her carrier...what kind of dog is she?

Julie said...

She's a smooth coat Mi-ki. It's a fairly uncommon breed. You can find out more info here: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/miki.htm