Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Protein Pancakes with Photos!

Protein pancakes take two. The first time I made these my photos disappeared! I really didn't measure the ingredients when making these pancakes. I mashed 1/2 of a banana in a bowl and mixed in 1 egg, a spoonful of cottage cheese, a splash of vanilla, a dash of cinnamon, and enough whole wheat pancake mix to bring the mixture to pancake batter consistency. Once the batter was mixed I stirred in some frozen blueberries.

The pancakes in the following photo are on a small side plate, not a full size dinner plate. I made the pancakes on the small side and the batter yielded about four (three smaller pancakes and one larger one). The larger pancake burned, so I only ate the three smaller ones (only two are pictured, I was impatient!). This was a very satisfying and filling breakfast.

Several hours later finished off some leftovers for lunch. I took the last of the quinoa, greek salad and beetroot tzatziki and topped it with some feta.

I made a trip to the grocery store this afternoon and, as usual, used my awesome reusable bags. These were a gift from my friend Tanya and they hold a TON of groceries. My entire grocery shopping trip fit into three bags. I probably would have had at least three times the number of bags had I used the store's plastic bags.

Look what I found at the store! Seattle cheese! Even though it was pricey I couldn't resist picking up some Beecher's cheese -- straight from Pike Place Market.

Once the groceries were unpacked I got snacky. I opted for a small cup of Optimum Slim cereal.

For dinner I had a veggie burger with swiss, onion, lettuce and mustard on a 100 calorie whole grain sandwich thin. On the side I had a few cherry tomatoes and kale chips!

What's not pictured? Ice cream! I had a 200 calorie serving of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert. Now I'm perfectly full.