Monday, August 17, 2009

Tasty, yet unexciting

Chris called me on his way home from work asking "What are we doing for dinner?" I replied "I want a salad," which prompted the following response... "I'm a boy. I want more than salad." So, we decided to get takeaway from California Pizza Kitchen.

I ordered their small Thai Crunch Salad, and substituted avocado for the chicken, dressing on the side.

One of my restaurant pet peeves is when you order dressing on the side and the dressing is filled with miscellaneous chunks of stray food. It grosses me out. My peanut sauce dressing for this salad was filled with random bits, but since I was just dipping the tines of my fork in to add a bit of flavor to each bite, I survived.

I'm pooped. Off to bed I go.