Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Rest Day

I decided to skip my run this morning to give myself another day of active rest. Since my yoga class wasn't until noon, I had a bowl of Optimum Slim topped with banana, blueberries, almonds & 1% milk shortly after getting up.

I promise there is cereal hidden under everything.

At noon I went to a yoga studio for a 75 minute class that got me nice and sweaty! I stopped by a local coffee house for an iced coffee right after class.

Then on my way home I stopped by a vegetarian restaurant and got two vegetable rolls with peanut dipping sauce and a side of quinoa to go.

A few hours later I was feeling snacky so I had a yogurt.

While making dinner my hunger really kicked in and I had a handful of pretzels and a handful of nuts. I was too busy making dinner to stop and photograph the snacking.

For dinner I made a vegetarian BLT with soy bacon on sprouted grain toast.

And a small cup of vegetarian french onion soup.

With kale chips on the side.

And a tired pup!