Friday, August 14, 2009

A pescetarian dinner

My husband treated me to a lovely dinner celebration tonight at Seasons 52.

I kicked off my decadent meal with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I sipped this one glass throughout the entire meal.

We shared a tomato basil flat bread appetizer.

And my husband was kind enough to let me nibble off of his starter salad, which was a greek salad.

I chose one of their grill specials for my entree; grilled cobia curry with vegetables over aromatic Himalayan basmati rice. The vast majority of the time I eat a lacto ovo vegetarian diet (lacto ovo = dairy & eggs), but every now and then I order fish in a restaurant. And this cobia was fantastic! The curry sauce was excellent; very light, spicy, and so flavorful.

And after:
Can you tell I liked it? I ate pretty much everything except about 1/4 of the fish, a few bites of rice and all but one of the onions. And then I somehow managed to find room for TWO desserts! In all fairness, the desserts at Seasons 52 are served in shot glasses, so they're gone in a few bites. I couldn't decide between the red velvet cake and the carrot cake, so I snagged both! And I ordered a cup of decaf coffee to go with my sweet treats.

I then rolled out of the restaurant in a food coma. What a wonderful dinner!