Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pre-Race Carbo Loading

Chris and I went on a very enjoyable 3 mile walk around our neighborhood this morning. I wanted to take it easy today since I have the triathlon tomorrow. We decided to go for brunch at First Watch.

I'm trying to eat a lot of carbs today, so I ordered the Florida French Toast.

After running some errands we came home and I ate a yogurt for a snack before getting busy packing my race bag.

I found an awesome bag in the garage that I didn't even know we owned! It worked perfectly.

There's even an insulated side pocket! I have some all natural coconut water that I'm bringing as a post-race treat for me and Leslee. Coconut water is an excellent recovery drink. In the morning I'll add an ice pack before I leave the house so the coconut water will be nice and cold when we're ready to drink it.

For dinner I made veggie risotto (onion, zucchini, carrot and kale) with cannellini beans. It was SO GOOD. I love making risotto. It's delicious and so versatile.

And on the side Chris and I finished off the fruit and nut crackers with laughing cow light cheese.

Chris decided to cook up a chicken breast for Bella. Chicken breast is her crack.

Then after dinner I was in the bathroom when I heard a "thunk." I looked over and a lizard had just landed on the bathroom window. Hey little guy!

I'm heading to bed early tonight so I can try to get a good night's sleep!


Anonymous said...

Scooter Loves cooked chicken