Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lunch Out, Dinner In

I met my friend Leslee at Jason's deli for lunch.

I ordered the Spinach Veggie Wrap.

But they forgot the spinach! It was still good, though, so I didn't complain.

I ran a few errands then went to the gym only to be shut out! I put on my swim suit, headed to the pool, and was immediately booted out by a life guard. It was raining outside so they closed the INDOOR pool. I still don't quite get that one. I consoled my bitter self with a cup o' joe.

A few hours later I got snacky, so I had 1 cup of popcorn and a yogurt.

About 2.5 hours after my snack I figured it was time for dinner. I surveyed our refrigerator and decided that a veggie pasta would be a good use of a bunch of almost expired veggies. I sauteed onion, carrot, zucchini, bell pepper and spinach until tender crisp then added some tomato sauce to simmer. I used Whole Foods 365 brand whole wheat pasta only after discovering that Ezekiel sprouted grain spaghetti turns to glue when you cook it. I was so excited to try sprouted grain pasta and was bummed when it was a bust. I'd love to know if anybody has had success with Ezekiel brand pasta.

Have a lovely evening everybody!


Les said...

Did you simmer the veggies in olive oil? Can you use something like vegetable broth or just spray with Pam and simmer? I find when I simmer stuff in olive oil I end up using too much, that I have too many veggies for just a teaspoon or two of olive oil.

Julie said...

I used less than a tablespoon of olive oil to sautee about three to four cups of hard vegetables and about 1/3 of a bag of baby spinach. You can also buy olive oil spray to spray the pan if you only want a light coating of olive oil. And you can also experiment with water and broth, too.