Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunrise Swim

What a lovely Thursday! I got up with the birds and met my friend Leslee at Lake Cane for some open water swim training. If you live in Central Florida and enjoy swimming, you should really try Lucky's Lake Swim.

Sunrise over Lake Cane right before I jumped in the water.

Swimmers getting ready on the dock.

As the sun was rising over the lake I swam one full crossing (over to the opposite bank and back) and one half crossing, for a total distance of approximately 1.5k. At the end of my swim a group of turtles swam over to say hello. They're used to getting handouts from the swimmers so they aren't shy!

As soon as I got out of the lake Leslee grabbed me and threw me in front of the camera with Lucky. I didn't even have time to take off my swim cap and goggles!

One of the traditions at Lucky's is signing your name on the wall after your first crossing. Leslee and I hunted around the mass of signatures until we found our names.

Then Lucky gave us a bumper sticker! I earned my Lucky's patch in 2008 and was excited to earn another piece of Lucky's paraphernalia to add to my collection!

After drying off and changing, we headed to breakfast. I ordered a veggie omelette with a small side stack of blueberry pancakes instead of toast.

Here's the after shot. I didn't eat most of the cheddar in the omelette.

I'm sure this breakfast will hold me for hours, so I'm counting on having a light lunch.