Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not such a long run Saturday

Well, my intention was to do a 16 mile run this morning but my knee had other plans! My IT band has recently started bothering me and although I've been trying to stretch it out, it gave me trouble around mile 4 today. I cut my 16 miles in half and called it good. Oh well, there's always another day!

Once home and showered Chris and I headed out with Bella to the Winter Park Farmer's Market. Unbeknownst to us it was the Winter Park Fall Art Festival today so Park Avenue was packed! Fortunately the farmer's market was not disrupted so I got to stock up on veggies. But before the market I grabbed an iced coffee at Palmanos.

Then we went veggie shopping!

I left with....

- asparagus
- green beans
- roma tomatoes
- corn
- red onion & sweet onion
- zucchini
- lime
- red bell pepper & yellow bell pepper

Then we browsed around the art festival in the BLAZING HOT SUN. I am so done with this heat. It was brutal. It was too hot for Bella!

By the time lunch rolled around I was super hungry. We went to a local pizza joint, the Mellow Mushroom, and Chris ordered the soft pretzels to start. I ate a full pretzel myself, dipped in marinara sauce. They're actually made out of pizza dough and they're very good.

I ordered a 1/2 of a tempeh sandwich (marinated tempeh, feta, grilled peppers and onion, lettuce, tomato, and sprouts on wheat). It was a delicious sandwich.

And I ordered a small veggie side salad with the dressing on the side.

Apparently my eyes were bigger than my stomach since I couldn't finish my meal. Here's what I left at the table.

After lunch we headed home to relax and read before heading over to our friends Tom and Katie's house for a dinner party. The sun was setting over Lake Jessup on our dive over.

I had about two full glasses of wine over the course of the evening, the first being a lovely red blend (petite sirah, malbec, syrah, and zinfandel). I also snacked on 2 crackers with brie, some grapes and a handful of nuts.

For dinner I had a delicious green salad and a slice of bread. Due to the dinner party setting I did not photograph my plate but I did photograph the nearly decimated salad bowl. As you can tell, everybody loved the salad and Katie's dressing. Delicious!

And I enjoyed a hearty slice of toasted bread with my salad.

After dinner Katie broke out the brownie bites!

And I had to take a gratuitous Sasha shot for the blog. She's such a doll.

I had an awesome evening! Thank you Tom and Katie for inviting us over.


Moonbeams said...

I need to partner up with you for a future farmers market trip. I wouldn't know what to do unless I had some direction.