Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy Fun Sunday

What a way to start my day! I met my friend Kate for a morning swim at a gorgeous lakeside swimming pool on the Rollins College campus. But before the fun started, I had a latte and half of a giant croissant! I'm warming up the croissant section of my stomach in preparation for Paris.

It was amazingly cool this morning so the swimming pool was fairly quiet. 45 minutes of swimming drills and laps in this beautiful pool hardly felt like a workout.

Walking back to the car we passed this gentleman who was feeding Mike the squirrel! He introduced us to Mike, who promptly flicked his tail and took off to bury a choice peanut.

Once home I made a quick banana berry (strawberry & blueberry) smoothie for lunch.

And a fruit and nut cracker with almond butter on the side.

I met some friends for dinner at a Greek restaurant that serves do-it-yourself hummus! They bring you a mortar and pestle filled with garbanzo beans, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Then you mash - mash - mash.

It was good, but extremely garlicy! I also had a little less than two glasses of Greek white wine served in these highbrow wine glasses.

And for my entree I ordered the veggie souvlaki plate: pita, tzatziki, roasted veggies and fries.

My entree was ok -- I ate about 60%.

Then after dinner we all went to see our friend Kristin sing! She sings with the singing group Singlive. Singlive's concept is to bring the joy of singing to everybody. No auditions are required. If you love to sing, you're invited to join! How cool is that? This is my second Singlive show I've seen and it didn't disappoint. Tonight's theme was musicals of the silver screen.

Now I'm beat. G'night!