Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So I watched Syriana while walking 5.5 miles on the treadmill this morning, which brings my July totals to....

July goal = 114 miles
Miles walked = 45
Miles to go = 69

I walked another 4.5 miles later in the day running errands, but I won't count those miles in my monthly walking totals.

Tonight I had my book club meeting. We discussed "My Sister's Keeper" which was my pick for the month. It was very well received by the group and stimulated some great conversations. Overall, we hated the mother and hated the ending, but very much enjoyed the rest of the book. And, we had a fabulous dinner at Season's 52 - I had a patron silver margarita, cod w/ veggies in a miso broth & a wee bit'o carrot cake w/ decaf coffee. My mention of Carrot Top in my last post apparently put carrot cake on my mind, since I jumped at the offer of carrot cake at dinner tonight.

Changing topics....my wonderful friend Dinah did a truly amazing thing...she featured me in her blog. I cannot thank her enough for her support. It means so much to me when others step up and help me fundraise or join me on a training walk. Sniff, sniff...