Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fun at Flea World

July goal = 114 miles
Miles walked = 39.5
Miles to go = 74.5

Julie and I met at 8am this morning at a trail in Lake Mary. It was a very enjoyable 10 mile walk with the temp peaking at around 90. Fortunately there was some cloud cover so the sun wasn't pounding directly down on us the whole time. We passed some acrobatic goats, a dead armadillo, many barking dogs, and one frisky senior in a wheel chair. The long walks are soooo much more enjoyable with a partner. Walking 10 miles solo feels like 20 - but walking 10 miles together feels like 5.

We then ate lunch at a cute cafe in Lake Mary before heading over to perhaps the scariest shopping destination in Central Florida...Flea World. We were considering renting a booth at Flea World to sell household goods to raise more money for breast cancer, but after Julie nearly had a panic attack and was convinced that the entrance to Flea World is in fact a worm hole which leads to a 3rd or maybe even 4th world country, we decided to move to Plan B. Plan B is to sell baked goods and ask for donations at the Winter Park Farmer's Market. Winter Park is the high rent neighborhood in Orlando and, more importantly, home to Carrot Top. Maybe some carrot cake is in order??? Now I just have to work on convincing the City of Winter Park to let us beg for cash one Saturday morning at their 'farmer's market' where poodles in pink leather jackets and rhinestone encrusted sun glasses (no kidding - I swear) prance around among the booths filled with organic, wheat-free, gluten-free, dog biscuits. Oy.


Dinah said...

Hey Julies, thanks for the nice comment on the blog! First of all--small world, huh? Second, I think what y'all are doing is amazing, and I posted it to my blog. Maybe we can squeeze out a little more $$ for you!