Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lightening and Wind and Rain, Oh My!

5:00 this morning was when we first felt the impact of Alberto reaching Florida. We awoke to torrential rains, crazy wind, thunder and lightening. It felt like a movie set where they generate the effect of a hurricane. No damage and we never lost power, but it was enough to keep us up until about 5:50 am, at which time we feel back to sleep.

Alberto is bringing heaving rains to Orlando all day today, so I'd better get my treadmill set up if I hope to get any miles in. And let me tell you, I NEED to get miles in!

Yesterday afternoon I got a little freaked about the storm so I went grocery shopping and stocked up. Taking my groceries out to the car, I got caught in a DOWNPOUR that left me soaked to the bone. My poor groceries got soaked, too. I'm still getting used to the quantity of rain we get in Florida. It's amazing.

I managed to drain some water out of our pool yesterday to accommodate the heavy rains. It turned out to be simple. I was just afraid that I'd get the water draining and then wouldn't be able to stop it. You're NEVER supposed to completely drain pools in Florida because our water table is so low that an empty pool will essentially turn into a boat and float out of the ground. The water is what holds the pool in the ground. If your pool pops out of the ground, you're looking at a minimum of $50k to repair it. Ouch!