Monday, June 05, 2006

Guess who's back????

I'm back from 2 weeks in Seattle. And what did Seattle give me? A terrible cold!!! So tomorrow morning I'm pounding the pavement again after 1+ week(s) of minimal walking. It's heating up in Central Florida, so I'm going to walk early tomorrow morning.

We just had a thunder storm and the pool water is reaching dangerously high levels. I hope to drain some water out of the pool tomorrow. I am a bit nervous about this, as I've never done it before. When we lived in the rental house I could have cared less how high or low the pool water level wasn't my pool nor my house! But now that I actually own the darn thing, I guess I'd better take care of it! And not that I don't value my hubby's contributions to this family, but staying on top of household issues such as the pool water level aren't high on his priority list...which I totally understand. It just means more work for hoo

I just heard on the news that over 2,300 strikes of lightening have hit Orlando during this evening's thunder storm. During the storm my hubby was - jokingly - trying to get me to run around outside with a mouthfull of tin foil while swinging a golf club. Silly hubby!

I'm getting some quotes on some other projects around the house - painting the exterior, installing a paver patio, landscaping, irrigation system, exterior lighting, interior lighting, etc. So many projects! I also have to get the house re-keyed this week. We're getting all new door knobs and locks as well. The previous owners had sub-par taste and we're sick of looking at bright yellow fake brass knobs.

'bout time for bed!