Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Road to Tampa...

Walking, walking and more walking....

Florida doesn't seem so hot when you're by the pool with an iced tea or when you're all cozy inside the house with the a/c set at 75. However, when you're walking 7 miles in 88 degree weather without a cloud in the sky, it's freakin' HOT!!!

A trip to Target is in order today. I'm going to break down and buy one of those dorky hydration backpacks. So you've heard of tennis elbow, right? I think I'm developing water bottle wrist. Lugging a 25 oz water bottle around on my walks is making my right wrist hurt. And with the length of my walks increasing, I'll need more than 25 oz to tide me over.

Julie and I are going to try to complete a 10 mile walk on Sunday at the Little Econ Trail, weather permitting. The Little Econ Trail, also known as the Little Econ Greenway, runs along the Little Econlockhatchee River.

"The Little Econ River and its freshwater swamps provide an ideal habitat for a wide array of reptiles, amphibians and birds. Catch sight of some amazing wildlife while hiking the trail or paddling the river in a canoe. Birds, like Osprey and Red-Shouldered Hawks, as well as turtles and alligators may be seen while using this trail. And smaller, 4-winged friends can be found in our butterfly garden, which is also located along the trail." - Orange County Parks Dept.

Wish us luck!!