Saturday, May 13, 2006

Getting old STINKS

Without going into details and violating my grandmother’s privacy, my dear grandmother is not doing well at all. I’m headed back to Seattle soon for work and will be in Washington over Memorial Day weekend, so I plan to spend that weekend with her. She lives in Westport, which is a little town on the Washington coast. Apparently some Westport local won a contest and the prize was dinner with Tom Cruise. When the medi-vac helicopter landed at the hospital on Tuesday to fly my grandmother to Harborview, a crowd of people thought it was Tom Cruise landing. But no, it was just my granny’s ride! However, I must admit that she certainly deserves to have a crowd of screaming, adoring fans just as much as Tom Cruise does….if not more so! So there you go, Grandma – you’re going out in style!!!

On a positive note, Julie and I are trying out a new trail tomorrow. It’s called the West Orange Trail. It’s called the West Orange Trail because it is in the western part of Orange County, Florida. Apparently it is 22 miles long and is an equestrian trail. Hopefully I won’t step in any horse poop.

I had to order my hydration backpack from Amazon and it has not arrived yet. Hopefully the West Orange Trail has water fountains along the way so I can refill my water bottle. We’re going to shoot for 10 miles. I finally replaced the battery in my pedometer and calibrated it on one of my 5 mile walks this week. I think I’ve got it tracking my mileage fairly accurately, so I can use that to track our miles tomorrow. I know I’m a dunce, but I always get confused when using mile markers on trails. Unless I start at mile 0 – or mile 1 – or whatever, I’m never really sure what’s going on! I seem to get going on a trail, look up, and see mile marker 4 or something. So that’s why I use my pedometer!