Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bloggus Interruptus

When I converted my ‘old’ blogger account to a ‘new’ blogger account way back in January, all of the sudden I couldn’t access my account to add or edit posts. Then all of the sudden I could.

So I am not participating in the Danskin triathlon as planned. I waited and waited and waited for registration to open and then suddenly while away on a business trip registration opened, filled and closed in THREE STINKIN’ DAYS!!!! Can you believe that BS? Three days? Oh baby, was I mad. Oh well.

In my frustration I abandoned all tri training and focused on running. I’m running a 15k on Sunday. It’s the Disney Minnie Marathon Weekend, Women Run the World 15k. Two friends from my book club are running with me. I’m also kayaking the Wekiva River in Central Florida on Saturday, so I should be pooped come Sunday night. Between the race and the kayaking, I’ll get a nice upper body workout on Saturday and lower body on Sunday!

Depending on how the 15k goes, I’ll either find another 15k a few months out and see if I can improve my time or register for a half marathon and train for that distance. I’ve found that for me I get more enjoyment out of running longer distances rather than running faster. I’m a slow running, but I don’t mind. When I go for long runs I listen to an episode or two of This American Life and find myself chugging along with a big grin on my face while Ira Glass entertains me.


Shananigans said...

Hey, found you over on the 3fc site. Congrats on the 3-day, that sounds awesome. I’m doing the Komen Race for the Cure in my town on June 2, it’s just a 5k but that’s about all I can handle, it will be my second race ever. Sounds like you’ve become quite the runner, very inspiring! Keep it up.

I love This American Life too :)