Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bike, Swim, Eat

I set my alarm for 6:30 am this morning so I could get up and get organized before I met my friends at 8:00 am for a bike ride. I had an allergy attack last night so I took a benadryl before bed and it knocked me OUT. I thought my alarm was a spy machine trying to communicate with me. It took a few snooze cycles before I was coherent enough to realize what was going on.

When I finally did get up I had to move quickly to get all of my gear organized and my bike loaded on my car. I made myself a smoothie to consume on the way to the trail head.

- 1 small banana
- 4 frozen strawberries
- large scoop 0% Fage (greek yogurt)
- oats
- flax
- ice
- splash of milk

After our bike ride we all went to Starbucks for a coffee and I split this pumpkin muffin with my friend Leslee.

Leslee and I then headed to the University of Central Florida pool to practice drills for 45 minutes before our noon swimming lesson. After our bike ride and an hour and a half in the pool working on drills we were tuckered out.

I went home, showered, and rested for a bit before heading over to my friend Kristin's house for a visit. She was a doll and called me on her way to Starbucks asking if I wanted anything. Me? Starbucks? I couldn't resist an iced tall caramel macchiato, which was waiting for me at her house when I arrived. THANKS KRISTIN!

And she shared a bite of her apple muffin with me. YUM.

Look at this! Kristin knows me well and tore this page out of Reader's Digest for me.

An advertisement for a business that specializes in taxidermy and cheese. What???? Who woulda thunk it? I'd like a wheel of brie to go with my mounted parakeet, please.

After a lovely visit with Kristin I ran a few errands and then devoured this peach over cottage cheese as soon as I walked in the door. The peach was seriously good.

And I had a few raw almonds.

About three hours later I decided it was time to make dinner. Since Chris has a crazy busy week ahead of him I gave him carte blanche to pick anything for dinner tonight. I was in the mood to make a nice Sunday dinner. His request....nachos! Here are his nachos and my taco salad. I wanted greens so I basically took the same nacho toppings and put them on romaine instead of chips. I also bought a new, giant bottle of the boss of all hot sauces -- Cholula! Love that stuff.

My salad...
- romaine lettuce
- pearl barley (hidden under the toppings)
- vegetarian refried beans (hidden as well)
- fresh corn
- onion
- bell pepper
- tomatoes
- grated carrot
- shredded cheese

And topped with a liberal dose of Cholula. (Note the strategically positioned Seahawks potholder, per Chris's request.)

Bella likes Cholula, too!

Now I'm relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine (a cheap pinot grigio that tastes exactly like honey) and a Perrier watching the season finale of True Blood!!!! Is it my birthday? =)

Have a great week!