Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I ate for Breakfast

Sometimes people ask me what I eat. A vegetarian triathlete is a strange concept to many (mostly male carnivores). Since I'm addicted to food blogs, I thought I'd post what I ate today. I didn't do anything different for the sake of the blog (I swear!). I ate what I normally would eat on an average day. I didn't try to "clean up" my diet. Yes, I ate chocolate. Yes, I drank wine. I don't plan on stopping either of those anytime soon!

So here's my breakfast...

When I woke up this morning a piece of sprouted grain toast with almond butter & strawberry jam sounded lovely. I drink tea every morning (except for when I'm traveling), so of course I had to have a mug of tea. I usually drink two mugs in the morning with a touch of milk and local Winter Park raw honey. Today was no different. Although only one mug is pictured, I followed up with a second mug, mid-morning.

My food philosophy is simple. I eat when I'm hungry. I eat what I'm hungry for. And I try to eat whole foods, intuitively. I'm not perfect. If I'm craving cheesecake, I eat cheesecake. But I'll only eat a half of a slice of cheesecake. When I want chocolate, I eat it. Nothing is off limits. I drink a lot of water and I don't drink soda. Nothing fancy. I don't count calories. I don't count points. I love food and I really enjoy eating every meal!